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"Approximately two years ago (05/2016), I suffered an injury that was high in the cervical area. The pain and numbness were insufferable and I tried every conceivable treatment with no relief. Looking for any means to alleviate the pain caused me to become addicted to pain killers that only made matters worse. Ultimately, I had to quit them cold-turkey which brought three days of Hell that were some of the worst days of my life.  I was at the end of my rope.

 At that point I had resigned myself to a difficult surgery when my surgeon suggested I try one last treatment and that is when Sherrel entered my life. For me, the difference has been staggering in terms of quality of life. As a career firefighter, I had always enjoyed a physical lifestyle and with Sherrel's help, I am at least able to keep the pain to a minimum and yet maintain some physical activity in my life. Of course it is not at the same level as it was, but it is much better then it could have been.

Skillfully, patiently, and with great compassion, she has been there for me and continues to improve my health with her treatments. I am forever indebted to her."

Van Mark Madrigal
Assistant Chief
Los Angeles County Fire Department, Retired


"Before working with Sherrel, my body occurred to me as an 'electric cage.' If I moved too quickly, became frightened at the movies or experienced what to most people are mild stressors, I had blackouts, fainting, nausea, severe drops in blood pressure and intense physical pain. In two sessions, Sherrel freed me from the cage!

Sherrel's amazing Myofascial Release work unwound the devastating effects of a childhood accident. For thirty-eight years, my body was trapped, unable to fix itself. Sherrel fixed me! Her skill, compassion and incredible intuitive sense gave me a new life in a new body. 

Sherrel has my profound and deep gratitude for my new experience of being alive!"

- Athena Murphy
  Anaheim, CA


"Sherrel is a true healer. I am so grateful for our weekly MFR work!"

- CD
  Long Beach, CA  


"...Sage is a true healer. ..."

- Torrance, CA


"... some amazing techniques ..."

- Torrance, CA


"I've been most pleased with Sherrel's particular talent for finding and treating my "trouble spots". She is always thoughtful and attentive."

- M.R.
  Long Beach, CA 

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